Version map cannot be validated - not mapping to new bioconductor website
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When I submit the basic installation command for Bioconductor:

if (!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) 
BiocManager::install(version = "3.18")

in R (version 4.3.0), I get the following error:

Error: Bioconductor version cannot be validated; no internet connection?  See #troubleshooting section in vignette

I've tried everything in the vignette for troubleshooting. None of the suggested solutions I've found online (adjusting the proxy/firewall settings, ensuring internet connection, etc) have helped either.

The documentation suggests that the version map can be found at which, as of today (11/13/2023), cannot be reached. There is a version map I can reach through the new Bioconductor website at this link, though,

It seems like the version map cannot be validated because the is a broken link, whereas the would work. Can this be fixed?

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