Changed DESeq2 comparison value but the heatmap is still the same
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I am relatively new to performing DESeq2 analysis and I have a dataset where I am trying to compare mice tumor tissue with urothelium tissue. Because R automatically chooses a reference level for factors based on alphabetical order, I set the factor levels such that the comparison is tissue_tumor_vs_urothelium instead of the other way around, tissue_urothelium_vs_tumor. This is because I am trying to create a heatmap where the top 20 genes of the tumor tissue are expressed compared to the urothelium tissue.

dds = DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData = alltumordata, colData = alltumor, design = ~ tissue)
dds$tissue <- factor(dds$tissue, levels = c("urothelium","tumor"))
dds = DESeq(dds)

However, the resulting tissue_tumor_vs_urothelium heatmap that I generated with pheatmap looks the same as the previous tissue_urothelium_vs_tumor heatmap, as in the top 20 genes of urothelium tissue are expressed compared to the tumor tissue. I am not sure if this is a problem from my heatmap code or from the DESeq2 pipeline, and I appreciate any insight on how I can change this. For reference, my heatmap function is shown below:

deseqoutputHM <- function(dds, vsd, comparison) {
  tt <- str_split(str_sub(comparison, 8),"_")[[1]]
  res <- lfcShrink(dds, coef = comparison, type="apeglm")

  #get the tissue data out of the dds
  df <-[,c("tissue")])
  colnames(df)[1] <- "tissue"

  #select the 20 genes with the lowest P-values
  select <- order(res$padj)[1:20]

  #take the expressions of these genes
  mat <- assay(vsd)[select,]
  colnames(mat) <- rownames(df)

  #heatmap w/compared tissues
  OP_HM <- pheatmap(mat, cluster_rows=FALSE, show_rownames=TRUE, 
                    show_colnames=FALSE, scale = "row",
                    cluster_cols=TRUE, annotation_col=df, 
                    main = paste(tt, collapse = " "))

tumor_urotheliumHM = deseqoutputHM(dds = dds, vsd = vsd, comparison = "tissue_tumor_vs_urothelium") 
urothelium_tumorHM = deseqoutputHM(dds = dds2, vsd = vsd2, comparison = "tissue_urothelium_vs_tumor")

This is the tissue_tumor_vs_urothelium heatmap

This is the tissue_urothelium_vs_tumor heatmap

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You are asking for the top 20 genes that differ between the two tissue types, which will be the same regardless of the directionality. The only differences will be the sign of the Wald statistic and the logFC. But the p-values will be identical, so you should expect identical heatmaps.

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