Need Help Using DirichletMultinomial Package
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Hi all

I am using the DirichletMultinomial package to identify clusters in an Airways Microbiome dataset. In a PCOA analysis I can see 2 clear clusters buy when I run the DMM package I'm told the best model is with one cluster?

I've tried this with 3 different datasets now and I keep getting one cluster.

I was wondering if there may be something wrong with the abundance txt file i'm feeding into the package?

The Format of my abundance txt file is as follows:

Column 1: A list of all the Taxa

Row 1:  A list of all the sample names

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you all

Dr. Imran Sulaiman

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Your description isn't detailed enough; have you compared your data to the sample data that comes with the package (see the vignette, and dir(system.file(package="DirichletMultinomial", "extdata"), full=TRUE)).


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