Tutorial:Reading csv file in minfi
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I have downloaded 450k data and want to read in minfi. When i downloaded the file it comes with csv, txt and excel files, but it does not have any idat files.

I have tried to read the csv file in minfi according to the tuitorial. But i get below error. Did anybody have the same problem and knows how to solve this? Thank you in advance!

targets <- read.metharray.sheet("/home/GSE36278/", pattern="sample.csv") ##The csv file had been renamed [read.metharray.sheet] Found the following CSV files: [1] "/home/GSE36278/sample.csv" Warning messages: 1: In FUN(X[[i]], ...) : Could not infer array name for file: /home/GSE36278//sample.csv 2: In FUN(X[[i]], ...) : Could not infer slide name for file: /home/GSE36278//sample.csv

rgSet <- read.metharray.exp(targets=targets)

Error in read.metharray.exp(targets = targets) : Need 'Basename' amongst the column names of 'targets'

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