ComplexHeatmap removes row labels if annotation is added
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alexw858 • 0
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Hi all,

I am experiencing an issue with my heatmap. When I draw a heatmap with row annotations, my row names disappear. I can restore the row names by removing the annotations, but nothing else seems to cause the issue. Here is the heatmap call and draw function:

  Wx1 <- Heatmap(Cx[[i]][[1]],
      show_row_names=F, column_names_gp=gpar(fontsize=8),
      clustering_distance_rows = distr,clustering_method_rows = method, 
      name="Log10Dunn",row_title=paste("C",i," - Percent and Dunn-Pvals"),col=cf2, 
      cluster_rows = cluster_within_group(t(Cx[[i]] 
      [[2]]), group), row_split = 6, border = TRUE)

  cids <- column_order(Wx1);

  Wx2 <- Heatmap(Cx[[i]][[2]][,cids],
      show_row_names=T, row_names_gp=gpar(fontsize=8), column_names_gp=gpar(fontsize=8), 
      cluster_columns=FALSE, clustering_distance_rows = distr,
      clustering_method_rows = method, name="Z-scores",row_title=paste("Heatmap C",i, sep=''),
      col=cf, cluster_rows = cluster_within_group(t(Cx[[i]][[1]]), group), row_split = 6, border = TRUE)


Cx is the object that contains my matrices, and row_annotation is a Formal class HeatmapAnnotation object. The following code will produce my heatmaps side-by-side and the row annotation on the far right, followed by the legend. There are no labels for rows, yet I know the data exists because draw(Wx1+Wx2) restores the row labels next to the right heatmap. I've tried changing the margins, changing the order of things, setting show_row_names to true or false, and visualizing the output in RStudio's Plots window (instead of the PDF export currently used) to no avail.

Is there anything about annotations that can hide row names by default? If so, how do I force them to show up?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Zuguang Gu ▴ 210
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Germany / Heidelberg / DKFZ

Hi, that is the default behavior of the new version of the package :) because I feel they don't look nice if the row names are drawn between heatmap and row annotations, and also row names might be duplicated across parallel heatmaps. Only the row names on the most right size of all heatmaps/row annotations will be shown by default. To show the row names which are between your heatmap and row annotation, you can do:

ht = Heatmap(...)
draw(ht, auto_adjust = FALSE)

See for more details.

If you want to add row names on the most right side of your heatmaps, i.e., on the right side of your row annotation, you can add the row names as a text annotation:

ht = Heatmap(...)
ht + rowAnnotation(rn = anno_text(rownames(mat)))
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Thank you! 'ht + rowAnnotation(rn = anno_text(rownames(mat)))' gave me the exact output I was looking for.


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