DMDeepm6A: solve_user_SEW0", start, end, width, PACKAGE = "IRanges
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Sorry for posting this here. I have tried to post in the github page of DMDeepm6A, but unfortunately en author does not respond, even when I notified through e-mail too.

I am trying to use DMDeepm6A to call methylated bases on RNAseq libraries. The software works beautifully on the toy data provided by the authors of the package (few reads on Chr1).

I have troubleshooted few other problems, but now I am stack near to the end, with the following error message (any help will be highly appreciated):

"---------------------------------" [1] "The bam files used:" [1] "2 IP replicate(s)" [1] "2 Input replicate(s)" [1] "---------------------------------" [1] "Peak calling result: " [1] "2895 peaks detected on merged data." [1] "Please check 'peak.bed/xls' under /home/juan/juan/UofA/projectsanalysis/brunoSaleme/2019/IP190711s1/FunDMDeep-m6A/DMDeepm6Aout/exomepeakuntreated" [1] "1849 consistent peaks detected on every replicates. (Recommended list)" [1] "Please check 'conpeak.bed/xls' under /home/juan/juan/UofA/projectsanalysis/brunoSaleme/2019/IP190711s1/FunDMDeep-m6A/DMDeepm6Aout/exomepeakuntreated" [1] "Detecting sites for IP/Input paire 1 ----------------------------" [1] "Converting BED12 to GRangesList" [1] "It may take a few minutes" [1] "Cutting peak to Single Base..." Time difference of 26.57681 secs [1] "Searching peak for motifs..." Time difference of 32.58991 secs [1] "Making input from peak region..." [1] "Counting reads for single base..." Error in .Call2("solveuser_SEW0", start, end, width, PACKAGE = "IRanges") : solving row 5: range cannot be determined from the supplied arguments (too many NAs)

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