News:Announcing Docker containers for Bioconductor
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We're pleased to announce the availability of Docker containers for Bioconductor.

With Bioconductor containers, we hope to enhance

  • reproducibility: If you run some code in a container today, you can run it again in the same container (with the same¬†tag) years later and know that nothing in the container has changed.¬†
  • ease of use: With one command, you can be running the latest release or devel Bioconductor. No need to worry about whether packages and system dependencies are installed.
  • convenience: Sometimes you just want a fresh R with no packages installed, in order to test something; or you typically don't have microarray packages installed but suddenly you need to do a microarray analysis. Containers make this easy.

For more information, please see our Docker Containers page. Let us know if you have comments or questions.


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