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Dear Bioconductor Community,

from a recent post in Bioconductor support forum (How to Find Common Dysregulated Genes in Two or More Sets of Microarray Data?) i found interesting also to try the GeneOverlap package, as i have aquired two DEG lists from different affymetrix microarray platforms from limma and treat, refering to the same comparison and disease(cancer colon samples vs control adjacent samples). But because im a beginner in R, i would like to ask two important questions:

Firstly, the function newGeneOverlap() requires anything else except the gene symbols from each list ?

Secondly, regarding the argument spec, which parameter should i use (("mm9.gene", "hg19.gene", "rn4.gene")) ??--

my two affymetrix platforms are hgu133a and hgu133plus2 .

Please excuse me for any naive questions

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