ABI HRM data analysis
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Hello all, 

I am not an expert in Bioconductor. Recently I started using that after taking a course in HarvardX. I would badly need a package to read High Resolution Melting curve analysis obtained from ABI real-time pcr machine. ABI has a software for that, but it is expensive and unyielding. The file is a normal text file and I can import that into excel sheet and make a curve in excel, if it has less number of samples. I can make a .csv file from excel and import to R. The use mggplot2 or similar graphic package to make the curve. When the sample number increases, it becomes cumbersome. Also, I wanted to automate it and make it more flexible and understandable in R. Can somebody please help me to build this package? Or if anyone has a package, please share with me. I can send the raw files for whoever to try out. 

Many Thanks


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Hi Prasanth,

Sounds like you were able to come up with something that more or less works. If not, please be more specific about what problems you're facing. Also the bioc-devel mailing list (http://bioconductor.org/help/support/#bioc-devel) is a better place to ask questions about package development. Note that developing a package is a full project: it can be challenging and time consuming. Asking that somebody helps you build the package is almost like asking that somebody helps you write a paper. It's fine, but that means establishing a close collaboration with someone and/or sometimes hiring someone.




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