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Hello Bioconductors,

We're pleased to announce a new shield to join the ones we rolled out in May.

The new shield measures test coverage of a package, as determined by Jim Hester's covr package.

Coverage is a measure of the degree to which package code is tested by your unit tests. If you don't know what unit tests are, read our guidelines.

These shields are on all package landing pages for software packages in release and devel. An example shield can be seen at

It links to a detailed coverage report at .

If package coverage cannot be determined (shield value is 'unknown'), the shield links to a section of our guidelines
explaining why this might be. 

Note that the coverage calculation happens on our linux build machines only and is not run as part of the nightly builds, but it is run several times a week. Only packages whose code has changed since the last calculation are run through covr.

We hope this shield motivates package developers to add unit tests (if they don't have them already) and improve their package's unit test coverage. Refer to the covr
documentation for more information on how to do this.

Questions and comments are welcome as always on the bioc-devel list.


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I don't know if there was a change, but I cannot see any shield for the link you provided ( Thanks.

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See Shields/Badges on Package landing pages ; the coverage shields will re-appear eventually, but with less functionality.


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