Format of data matrix, probedata and phenodata for building Rnits object ?
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I'd like to analyse my data using Rnits, as it is a sequential in time, but I'm having problems trying to build the Rnits object. I already tried using the ExpressionSet that I build using Biobase and worked perfectly in limma, but it doesn't work. So, my idea would be to build it from the data matrix, probedata and phenodata tables... however, everytime i try it it looks like i have some formatting errors, e.g. the phenodata needs to have columns names "Sample" and "Time". So far I've tried:

data matrix (just showing the first four samples (E19, E23, E24, E07) and four genes):

  E19 E23 E24 E07
1 0.099 0.172 0.115 0.102
2 0.123 0.523 0.544 0.225
3 3.050 3.688 3.250 3.885
4 1.620 2.153 1.926 2.196


probedata (just showing the first four genes):

  ProbeID GeneName
1 1 comp100005_c0_seq1:648-1319
2 2 comp100006_c0_seq1:3-425
3 3 comp100010_c0_seq1:762-1769
4 4 comp100018_c0_seq1:112-666


phenodata (for the first four samples):

title Time Sample


E23 5 1
E24 3 1
E07 3 1


To import the tables (all saved as tab delimited), i use the normal read.table command, so, so far my script looks like:

# phenodata:
tmp <- read.csv("phenodata.txt")
phenodata <-

# probedata:
tmp <- read.csv("probedata.txt")
probedata <-

# data matrix:
tmp <- read.table("datamatrix.txt")
obj <- as.matrix(tmp)

# build Rnits object:

rnitsobj = build.Rnits(obj, probedata = probedata, phenodata = phenodata, logscale = TRUE, normmethod = 'Between')

Error in build.Rnits(obj, probedata = probedata, phenodata = phenodata,  : 
  Phenotype data table must have the same column names as data table

What are the right formats for the data matrix, probedata and phenodata?

Thanks in advance for your help,





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It is a requirement that rownames(phenodata) == colnames(obj).  You will have to set the rownames of the phenodata and load header information into the obj so the colnames get set.  

phenodata <- read.table("phenodata.txt", row.names=1) 
tmp <- read.table("datamatrix.txt", header=TRUE) 
obj <- as.matrix(tmp)

You may run into some other issues as it looks like Rnits also requires Time to be unqiue. 


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