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I am very new to DESEQ2 and I am struggling to create the initial Deseq2 dataset. I have a zip file with HT-seq counts for 5 days and each has a certain number of repeats, there are 22 files in total in the zip file. Each with the counts from each studied day. I don't understand how to get this into a format to where I can do differential analysis across all days to find out which day a certain gene I am looking at has the highest significant expression or differentially expressed.

This is what I've found online so far:

sampleFiles <- grep("D",list.files(directory),value=TRUE)

so this identifies which files I want

sampleCondition <- sub("(.*D06,*D13).*","\\1",sampleFiles)

then I want the conditions to be the days but I can't get this code to do that?

sampleTable <- data.frame(sampleName = sampleFiles,
                          fileName = sampleFiles,
                          condition = sampleCondition)
sampleTable$condition <- factor(sampleTable$condition)

I would really appreciate any help I'm very lost with this

thank you!!

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Hi Chloe, it may help to add more information. For example, showing the contents of sampleTable, and also the contents of one of the raw count files.

You indicate that you have HT-seq count files, and it looks like you have already been following the vignette: htseq-count input. Can you try the next step involving DESeqDataSetFromHTSeqCount()?; then proceed from Differential expression analysis.



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