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Hello Bioconductor developers,

We are still on track for Bioconductor Release 3.13 for this Thursday May 20th. This means that tonight is the last day to commit changes to the devel branch before creating of the RELEASE_3_13 versions of your packages. And any changes you make to your packages at this point will not be reflected in a build report before we branch.

There will be a temporary code freeze tomorrow morning (EST) while the branching for RELEASE_3_13 occurs automatically by the core team. You will receive emails when the freeze occurs and when commits to the branches can resume.

As clarification, you will still be able to commit to the release 3.13 branch and the devel branch throughout the next release cycle. But any packages that have not been fixed for failures or bugs in devel would then have to be fixed/uploaded to both the RELEASE_3_13 branch and the devel master branch.

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