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Hello, Bioconductor, I'm working lately with data from small-RNA seq in an organism without small RNA annotation. I would like to perform DE analysis on Differentially Expresed Regions and I would like to ask about the creation of the model matrix. Following the example of the vignette :

Build models

mod <- model.matrix(~ pheno$group + pheno$gender)
mod0 <- model.matrix(~ pheno$gender)

I only have pheno$group, does that mean I just follow the "main" instructions from the limma vignette?

getF <- function(fit, fit0, theData) {
    rss1 <- rowSums((fitted(fit) - theData)^2)
    df1 <- ncol(fit$coef)
    rss0 <- rowSums((fitted(fit0) - theData)^2)
    df0 <- ncol(fit0$coef)
    fstat <- ((rss0 - rss1) / (df1 - df0)) / (rss1 / (ncol(theData) - df1))
    f_pval <- pf(fstat, df1 - df0, ncol(theData) - df1, lower.tail = FALSE)
    fout <- cbind(fstat, df1 - 1, ncol(theData) - df1, f_pval)
    colnames(fout)[2:3] <- c("df1", "df0")
    fout <- data.frame(fout)

If I want to perform the single base-level F-statistics, instead of using the:

models <- makeModels(sampleDepths,
    testvars = pheno$group,
    adjustvars = pheno[, c("gender")]

Do I put the testvars only?

Thank you in advance!


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