Do you know a sofware to draw pedigrees + haplotypes?
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Dear Bioconductor community,

I am conducting a retrospective study on a cohort of Cystic Fibrosis patients. I need a software using which I can draw pedigrees as well as to be able to form haplotypes derived from the panel of STR markers used for diagnosis.

I tested Cyrilic 3 which is nice for drawing pedigrees. However, I am having trouble finding out how to illustrate the haplotypes. In the Cyrilic 2 manual, that as far as I know only works with 32 bit systems, unlike its current version, Cyrilic 3, there is an option for forming haplotypes. I failed to find such a feature on Cyrilic 3.

I would highly appreciate it if anyone can introduce a software I can use for this purpose.

Best wishes, Negar

SequencingData STR MutationalPatterns pedigree HapMap • 610 views

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