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How can I download all bigwig files for TCGA samples? I noticed an answer was provided previously for recount2 but it doesn’t work for recount3:

Recount2 Bigwigs for TCGA


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Thank you for your interest in recount3 and recount2. The easiest option in recount3 to find the URLs for BigWig files is to use the recount3::create_rse() function which will include a colData() column called BigWigURL as shown at Here's a short extract:[1, c("external_id", "study", "BigWigURL")])
#>                                                 external_id study
#> GTEX-T6MN-0011-R1A-SM-32QOY.1 GTEX-T6MN-0011-R1A-SM-32QOY.1 BRAIN
#>                                                                                                                                                             BigWigURL
#> GTEX-T6MN-0011-R1A-SM-32QOY.1

You could also use recount3::locate_url(), however as noted at, that function doesn't guarantee that the result is a valid URL due to programmatic reasons from the data host side (IDIES at JHU).

Using recount3::create_rse() at the gene level might be a bit too much data to download for a large project such as TCGA (which is split by tissue as is GTEx), so you might prefer to dive into the internal code of recount3::create_rse_manual() and re-use it after downloading the TCGA metadata files.

As you can see, there are a few different options, with different degrees of complexity.

Once you have located the URLs, you can use recount3::file_retrieve() which uses internally BiocFileCache::bfcrpath() or download them through some other way including recount::download_retry() which uses internally downloader::download()

Best, Leo


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