stuck on unimplemented type 'list' in 'EncodeElement'
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Hi, I am stuck on the attempt of saving a dataframe which derives from the merge of a dataframe and a list (the list is added as last column after being coherced into a matrix, the merge uses a common column)....

write.table(my_counts.all, file="dfcounts_all.csv", col.names = TRUE, sep=",")
Error in write.table(my_counts.all, file = "dfcounts_all.csv", col.names = TRUE,  : 
  unimplemented type 'list' in 'EncodeElement'

I have already tried to solve the error with these commands:

my_counts.all<-data.frame(lapply(my_counts.all, as.character), stringsAsFactors= FALSE)
write.table(my_counts.all, file="dfcounts_all.csv", row.names = TRUE, col.names = TRUE, sep=",")

but this creates a file excel lacking the rownames( list of genes for the Differential Gene Expression analysis) and indices instead of having the column with gene names as row.names I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..... Could someone help me??? Thanks

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