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Developers should be aware that Bioconductor 3.19 will likely be released in April 2024 following the CRAN release of version 4.4 of R. Because the group of active reviewers is small, submissions after March 15 have a high likelihood of not being reviewed for inclusion in Bioc 3.19. We encourage contributors of new packages to a) ensure, before submitting, that the contribution passes R CMD build and R CMD check with no warnings, b) the contribution passes BiocCheck with no errors and few to no warnings See: BiocCheck, c) all requirements noted at are satisfied in particular general requirements and Bioconductor specific features. Packages that are submitted will be assigned a reviewer only when the contribution builds and checks cleanly. Once assigned packages are expected to address most reviewers comments and suggestions before acceptance. Questions regarding check results or reviewer comments should remain on the issue or technical issues asked on bioc-devel mailing list; please do not use private communications. If you need access to R-devel, bioconductor devel docker images are also always available for use. See Bioconductor docker . Again, if you wait to submit there is no guarantee that it will pass and get reviewed in time for the release; please consider submitting as soon as possible.

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