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There are only 4 seats left for the course on Network Analysis in Systems Biology with R/Bioconductor (2nd edition), scheduled for June 3-6.

Course website:

Course Overview: In this course, participants will delve into the inference and analysis of biological networks from RNA-seq data using R and Bioconductor packages. Topics covered include data structures for quantitative data and graphs, statistical methods for network inference, functional analyses of biological networks, and network comparison. By the end of the course, attendees will be proficient in inferring and analyzing gene coexpression networks (GCNs) and gene regulatory networks (GRNs), comparing networks, and integrating GCNs with genetic markers to prioritize candidate genes associated with traits.

Target Audience and Assumed Background: This course is designed for researchers and students interested in utilizing R and Bioconductor for systems biology projects. While familiarity with RNA-seq and core Bioconductor data structures (e.g., SummarizedExperiment and GRanges) is beneficial, it is not essential, as these will be covered during the sessions. Participants should have a working knowledge of R, including R syntax, commonly used functions, and basic data structures such as data frames, vectors, and matrices, along with their manipulation.

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