Job:Postdoc on integrating and analyzing new transcriptome types in the Bgee database
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We are looking for a postdoc to develop new methods of transcriptome analysis for the Bgee database.

Bgee is a database integrating curated reference expression data of different types (RNA-seq, microarrays, in situ hybridization, ESTs) for diverse animal species. Data integration includes calls of presence or absence of expression, differential expression analysis over different features (anatomy, age, sex), ranking of evidence from different data types, etc.

The new postdoc will do research on improved transcriptome analysis, including but not limited to integrated analysis across data types, expression calls from new data types such as single-cell RNA-seq or long read transcriptomics, and comparison of expression between species. S/he will participate in the maintenance and development of the Bgee analysis pipeline and of the BgeeDB R package. S/he will actively participate in the collaborative management of Bgee development.

The postdoc will be expected to write methodological articles, e.g. on new methods, benchmarking, or improvements in data interpretation. S/he will also have the opportunity to supervise master students and present results in national and international conferences. The postdoc will be encouraged to collaborate in biology-motivated projects in the lab and in the department.

Please include a link to your bioconductor, github, or other code repository, in your application!

More information:

Marc Robinson-Rechavi

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