Job:Post-doc in Prostate Cancer Research (Statistics / Computational Biology) at University of St Andrews (+PhD position also available)
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The Cancer Research UK-funded Prostate International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) project is led by Ros Eeles at the Institute of Cancer Research with further co-PIs and researchers located at sites around the UK and Finland including Cambridge, Norwich, Oxford, St Andrews and Tampere. It aims to address questions of clinical relevance such as i) distinguishing aggressive from indolent disease (ii) determining in which cases focal therapy would be appropriate (iii) determining why there are ethnic differences in prostate cancer incidence (iv) mining for new drug targets (v) mining data for new biomarkers. 500 genomes from prostate cancer patients were sequenced in phase 1 of the project, while in phase 2 additional data are being generated for each case including transcriptomics and epigenetics.

This is a 3-year post-doc in St Andrews working on integration of the various data types (for the full cohort these are whole-genome sequencing, mRNA-seq, smallRNA-seq, methylation sequencing, and clinical data, while additional assays have been run on subsets) to draw out new understanding of the disease that will aid in answering the objectives of the project. Details are here:


(Also available is a PhD position in a similar area:

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