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Bioc2020 is proceeding with planning for the conference to be held July 27-31, with contingency planning for an online-only conference if necessary.

As part of the program we want to encourage community involvement and interactive projects. This may take the form of birds-of-a-feather discussion topics (like an open forum discussion) but could extend to ideas like short hack-a-thon projects (e.g., create a Pull Request for feature x in package y) or the compilation of short FAQ/how-to topics (e.g., how do I liftover hg19 coordinates to hg38 with Bioconductor resources). We encourage submissions from novice R/Bioconductor users and minority groups.

We want to have some of these sessions planned and will also encourage spontaneous sessions to form on the day of the conference (pending an in-person meeting). In an effort to schedule topics that are of most interest to the Bioconductor community at large, we encourage submission of session ideas on the bioc2020 github as an open issue. (

Please include in the issue title if it's a birds-of-a-feather (BOF), hack-a-thon (HAK), or how-to/FAQ (FAQ), and include a short description of the goals of the session.

For example:

(BOF) Annotation harmonization

(HAK) Add metadata column <x> to package <y>

(FAQ) How to do a lift over from hg19 to hg38

Please announce your session suggestion in the Bioconductor slack channel #bioc2020. This will encourage the Bioconductor community to contribute to the session.

Thank you

Lori Shepherd on behalf of the Bioc2020 planning committee

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We just posted a BoF session proposal to showcase what CDSB is and the story of the regutools R package that was submitted to Bioconductor by three new developers that are CDSB alumni. After explaining what CDSB is and explaining the regutools story, the session would have a Q/A section focused on the three new developers and their experience. All the details are at where you are free to chime in.

Best, Leo

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UPDATE: virtual conference is Monday July 27 - Friday July 31. See for up-to-date information. Closing date for BoF sessions is moved back to July 16.


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