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Hello Bioconductor Development Community,

The team has made a significant change to the single package builder process for submitting new packages to Bioconductor.

Previously, when submitting a new package, the process was to submit on github, add a webhook for interactive building on version bump, acceptance, addition to the repository system, and addition to the daily builder manifest.

Now upon submission of your package to github, the preapproval process will involve immediately adding packages to Subsequent builds of the package during the review process will be triggered by a version bump and push to the upstream repository at<your package="">. Upon acceptance your package will be added to the daily builder manifest for official inclusion in Bioconductor.

The webhook will be deactivated and no longer trigger builds during the review process. Any package that was previously submitted (Before July 7th, 2020) will not have to worry about the new workflow. You can continue your new package review as you have been and we will deactivate your webhook once you are through the submission process. This will only affect packages newly submitted.

Please ask any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you Lori Shepherd on behalf of the Core Team

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