News:Course Announcement: Use R / Bioconductor for Sequence Analysis (Intermediate Course)
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This INTERMEDIATE course is designed for individuals comfortable with R, and with at least passing familiarity with Bioconductor. It consists of approximately equal parts lecture and practical sessions addressing use of Bioconductor software for analysis and comprehension of high-throughput sequence and related data. Specific topics include use of central Bioconductor classes (e.g., GRanges, SummarizedExperiment), RNASeq gene differential expression, ChIP-seq and methylation work flows, approaches to management and integrative analysis of diverse high-throughput data types, and strategies for working with large data. Participants are required to bring a laptop with wireless internet access and a modern version of the Chrome or Safari web browser.

For more information and links to registration, please visit the course github repository.

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Less than 2 weeks to the start of this intermediate course, April 6-7 in Seattle!


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