Question about sumbition process and biocviews
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When I upload my package to Github does the evaluation process start immediately? Or do I have to ask for it?

Furthermore, during the evaluation process do I get feedback about the dependencies of my package etc? I have those in my description file, but maybe they should be placed a little differently.

Moreover, when I run biocheck I get en error that I don’t have any biocviews. I read the manual for creating those, but it is very difficult to understand. Do I do this after I upload the package to github or on my MAC?

Finally,  I want to use the BiocParallel package and the bplapply function, the user can then specify if he wants parallel beachhead or not. However the BiocParallel package will go to my imports field right? Because in the bioconductor page it is mentioned that the parallel package for example should go to the suggests field. Or do I have to have two different versions of my function, one for parallel and bplapply and one for not parallel without the use of bplapply?


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Questions about Bioconductor package development need to be asked on the bioc-devel mailing list, where I see you have already asked questions and so are already subscribed.


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