Import a Bioconductor package that is only used in a vignette/.Rmd script
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My Bioconductor package is receiving Errors about a package not existing.

I have an R package with Bioconductor. In the vignettes folder, I have several .Rmd files that have the following chunk at the top:

title: 'Manuscripts'
package: pkgName
bibliography: pkgName.bib
    toc_float: true
    tidy: TRUE
    border-width: 5px
vignette: >

When I run devtools:check(), I receive error messages of the format:

   --- re-building bioconductor.Rmd using rmarkdown
   Error: processing vignette bioconductor.Rmd  failed with diagnostics:
   **there is no package called BiocStyle**
   --- failed re-building bioconductor.Rmd

I noticed that BiocStyle is not in my DESCRIPTION file. So, based on instructions here, I did:


and this seemed to add BiocStyle, to the "Imports" of my DESCRIPTION file. It did not add a requirement such as (>= 0.12.2).

I then reran devtools:check(), and received a message:

Warning in (function (dep_name, dep_ver = "*")  :
  Dependency package BiocStyle not available.
Error: Dependency package(s) BiocStyle not available.

I note that my package had been working on Bioconductor for quite a while until I suddenly received emails from the team pointing me to this error. I also notice that, unlike other imported packages in my package, BiocStyle is not called upon in any of the actual R scripts (i.e. in an R/.R file within my package). Instead, BiocStyle only makes an appearance at the top of the vignette/.Rmd files. I suspect this is why I am having this error. I suppose it is expected for all packages used to be mentioned in the DESCRIPTION file, but those I supposed are only for packages that are actually called upon in a R/.R file. How should I resolve this issue? (i.e. how do I account for a package, like BiocStyle, that I only used in a vignette file)?

Thank you for any pointers you may be able to provide.


Description file

Package: pkgName
Version: pkgVerson
Title: pkgTitle
Description: pkgDescription
Authors@R: pkgAuthors
License: pkgLicense
Depends: R (>= 3.6.0)
    DelayedArray (>= 0.12.2),
    dplyr (>= 0.7.2),
    GGally (>= 1.3.2),
    ggplot2 (>= 2.2.1),
    graphics (>= 3.5.0),
    grDevices (>= 3.5.0),
    grid (>= 3.5.0),
    gridExtra (>= 2.3),
    hexbin (>= 1.27.1),
    Hmisc (>= 4.0.3),
    htmlwidgets (>= 0.9),
    methods (>= 3.5.2),
    plotly (>= 4.7.1),
    plyr (>= 1.8.4),
    RColorBrewer (>= 1.1.2),
    reshape (>= 0.8.7),
    shiny (>= 1.0.5),
    shinycssloaders (>= 0.2.0),
    shinydashboard (>= 0.6.1),
    stats (>= 3.5.0),
    stringr (>= 1.3.1),
    SummarizedExperiment (>= 1.16.1),
    tidyr (>= 0.7.0),
    utils (>= 3.5.0)
VignetteBuilder: knitr
    BiocGenerics (>= 0.29.1),
    data.table (>= 1.11.8),
    EDASeq (>= 2.14.0),
    edgeR (>= 3.22.2),
    gtools (>= 3.5.0),
    knitr (>= 1.13),
    matrixStats (>= 0.53.1),
    rmarkdown (>= 1.10),
    roxygen2 (>=3.0.0),
    RUnit (>= 0.4.32),
    tibble (>= 1.4.2),
biocViews: Clustering, DataImport, DifferentialExpression,
    GeneExpression, MultipleComparison, Normalization,
    Preprocessing, QualityControl, RNASeq, Sequencing, Software,
    Transcription, Visualization
RoxygenNote: 7.1.1
BugReports: pkgBugs
NeedsCompilation: no
Packaged: pkgDate
LazyData: true
Encoding: UTF-8


# Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand

> export(convertSEPair) export(convertSESubsetGenes)
> export(plotClusters) export(plotLitre) export(plotLitreApp)
> export(plotPCP) export(plotPCPApp) export(plotSM) export(plotSMApp)
> export(plotVolcano) export(plotVolcanoApp)
> importFrom(DelayedArray,DelayedArray) importFrom(GGally,ggpairs)
> importFrom(GGally,wrap) importFrom(Hmisc,cut2)
> importFrom(RColorBrewer,brewer.pal)
> importFrom(SummarizedExperiment,SummarizedExperiment)
> importFrom(SummarizedExperiment,assay)
> importFrom(SummarizedExperiment,rowData) importFrom(dplyr,"%>%")
> importFrom(dplyr,arrange) importFrom(dplyr,filter)
> importFrom(dplyr,one_of) importFrom(dplyr,select)
> importFrom(dplyr,starts_with) importFrom(ggplot2,aes)
> importFrom(ggplot2,aes_string) importFrom(ggplot2,coord_cartesian)
> importFrom(ggplot2,coord_fixed) importFrom(ggplot2,element_text)
> importFrom(ggplot2,geom_abline) importFrom(ggplot2,geom_boxplot)
> importFrom(ggplot2,geom_hex) importFrom(ggplot2,geom_line)
> importFrom(ggplot2,geom_point) importFrom(ggplot2,geom_ribbon)
> importFrom(ggplot2,ggplot) importFrom(ggplot2,ggtitle)
> importFrom(ggplot2,labs) importFrom(ggplot2,scale_fill_gradientn)
> importFrom(ggplot2,scale_fill_manual)
> importFrom(ggplot2,scale_x_discrete) importFrom(ggplot2,theme)
> importFrom(ggplot2,theme_gray) importFrom(ggplot2,xlab)
> importFrom(ggplot2,xlim) importFrom(ggplot2,ylab)
> importFrom(ggplot2,ylim) importFrom(grDevices,
> importFrom(grDevices,jpeg) importFrom(grDevices,rainbow)
> importFrom(graphics,plot) importFrom(grid,grid.draw)
> importFrom(gridExtra,arrangeGrob) importFrom(hexbin,hcell2xy)
> importFrom(hexbin,hexbin) importFrom(htmlwidgets,onRender)
> importFrom(methods,is) importFrom(plotly,config)
> importFrom(plotly,ggplotly) importFrom(plotly,layout)
> importFrom(plotly,plotlyOutput) importFrom(plotly,renderPlotly)
> importFrom(plyr,mapvalues) importFrom(reshape,melt)
> importFrom(shiny,HTML) importFrom(shiny,actionButton)
> importFrom(shiny,basicPage) importFrom(shiny,bootstrapPage)
> importFrom(shiny,br) importFrom(shiny,div) importFrom(shiny,em)
> importFrom(shiny,fluidPage) importFrom(shiny,img)
> importFrom(shiny,numericInput) importFrom(shiny,observeEvent)
> importFrom(shiny,p) importFrom(shiny,reactive)
> importFrom(shiny,reactiveValues) importFrom(shiny,renderPrint)
> importFrom(shiny,req) importFrom(shiny,selectInput)
> importFrom(shiny,selectizeInput) importFrom(shiny,shinyApp)
> importFrom(shiny,shinyServer) importFrom(shiny,shinyUI)
> importFrom(shiny,sliderInput) importFrom(shiny,strong)
> importFrom(shiny,verbatimTextOutput)
> importFrom(shinycssloaders,withSpinner) importFrom(shinydashboard,box)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,dashboardBody)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,dashboardHeader)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,dashboardPage)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,dashboardSidebar)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,menuItem)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,sidebarMenu)
> importFrom(shinydashboard,tabItem) importFrom(shinydashboard,tabItems)
> importFrom(stats,coef) importFrom(stats,cutree) importFrom(stats,dist)
> importFrom(stats,hclust) importFrom(stats,lm)
> importFrom(stats,predict) importFrom(stats,qt)
> importFrom(stats,setNames) importFrom(stringr,str_replace)
> importFrom(stringr,str_trim) importFrom(tidyr,crossing)
> importFrom(tidyr,gather) importFrom(utils,combn) importFrom(utils,str)
> importFrom(utils,write.table)

Please note I asked a similar question on StackOverflow (here), but I'm asking again here as I tried all the solutions there and they did not resolve my issue. Thank you.

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Hi lavanilla44,

This support site is for questions about the usage of the Bioconductor software. For questions about the developement of your package please ask on the bioc-devel mailing list. Alternatively you can ask on the developer-forum channel of the community-bioc Slack.



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See the previous reply that development questions should be asked on the bioc-devel mailing list. The solution was posted there and original post

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Thank you, I can try to ask on the mailing list or Slack channel. Thank you for sharing that solution. I unfortunately tried the same approach (added "BiocStyle" to my Suggests field of the DESCRIPTION file) -- but the error remained.

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The conversation has continued on slack . You have to push to for it to reflect on Bioconductor. And if it fails locally, make sure the package is installed locally.


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