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Answer: Can you colour dendrogram branch clusters in pheatmap? by Kevin Blighe 2.5k
Hi, you should be able to do this by first creating the dendrogram and hclust object via CRAN's *dendextend* package, and then supplying …
Answer: Splitting multiple groups - three different ages by Michael Love 32k
It may be hard to tell in this plot because PC1 explains so much of the difference. The variability is not so stark as in other cases, and …
Answer: Same methylation probe ID with different locus annotations in Illumina 27k and 4 by Kevin Blighe 2.5k
Hi, It seems that the manufacturer (Illumina) simply moved the target locus, which often occurs across array designs. In the case of c…
Answer: DESeq2, tximport normalization, normalization factors, size factors by Michael Love 32k
1) "counts(dds,normalized=TRUE)" returns counts that are corrected for library size and transcript length. Yes, and the indication is th…
Comment: DiffBind output: Is "concentration" normalized? by Rory Stark ♦ 3.6k
As I understand it, you have two contrasts that share one group of samples. You expect the concentrations reported for the shared group to …
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