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Answer: How to plot the RMA log2 normalised data from Affymetrix by Kevin Blighe 2.5k
Hi Lara, It may be a good idea to go through one of the workflows in their entirety. This would help you to better understand the data p…
Comment: How to define settings for design primers with openPrimeR? by marongiu.luigi • 0
I see. I tried to upload settings but: ``` > library("openPrimeR") There are missing/non-functioning external tools. To use the full potent…
Comment: Error: Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (1): x and xen by yueli7 • 10
I knew what I am wrong . plotEnrichment(pathways.kegg[["KEGG_PYRIMIDINE_METABOLISM"]], ranks) It should be "ranks", not exampleRan…
Comment: Error in library(oligo) : package or namespace load failed for ‘oligoClasses’ by Martin Morgan 25k
This type of error usually means that you are mixing Bioconductor packages from different releases. Try ``` BiocManager::version() # Shoul…
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